Breabadair sprung to life in late August 2018. After the glorious summer and much fun had, the steering group began the process of establishing Breabadair as an organisation and developing the project.


Breabadair gained charitable status in January 2019 (register number SC048941) we are now making all final preparations for the opening event on 10th and 11th August.


The board of trustees that form Breabadair, and in turn the Event Management Team, have given over 2000 hours of their own time and the much needed financial loans to enable this festival  to get off the ground. The support from the local community, Fife Voluntary Action, Visit Scotland, Ed Bell Graphic Design, Calum Woodbridge - Kinnison Films, Fife Council (to name but a few of the team that has formed over these first few months of our existence) has been immeasurable. Thank you all.


Our vision is to see Breabadair Festival firmly established in the Ceres diary which will in turn bring not only amazing music and arts but friendships, fun and good times to all that are involved.

To achieve our goals for this event and future ones we need support. 

Buy a ticket, sponsor us, make a donation....or just wish us well.

Can't wait to see you all there - its going to be absolutely superb!



Breabadair is a registered charity. Charity No. SC048941